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So, you want a new Bible and have begun searching for the “perfect one.” However, along the way you’ve noticed that not all leather covers are made equal— Imitation, Bonded, Genuine, Top Grain—what’s the difference?

The disparity lies in the leather manufacturing process. At the beginning of this process a cowhide can be separated into four main layers: full grain, top grain, genuine, and bonded. Layers that are closer to the hide’s top are stronger, because the skin fibers are tightly bound together. However, along with this strength comes the blemishes and imperfections—scars, bug bites, wrinkles, brandings—that the cow incurred over its lifetime. Full Grain is the top layer of the cowhide—the toughest and most “blemished” layer.


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At Paul’s Leather Co. we are proud to use Full Grain leather, because of its durability and individuality. Our leather is exceptionally resilient due to the tightly bound fibers that compose it. Additionally, although other companies prefer the “clean look” of top grain and genuine leathers, we relish the unique stories told by every scar, branding, and bug bite found in a piece of Full Grain leather.