Unreached People Groups

Unreached people groups are those who have little-to-no access to the gospel, meaning they will likely die before ever meeting an evangelist. Today’s world is home to almost three billion people for whom this is a present reality. Among these groups God is not worshipped as supremely satisfying, and people are in danger of separation from eternal joy in God’s presence.

We believe this is the greatest possible injustice, and are therefore committed to doing our part in eliminating this reality. Concern for this need is not a recent fad, but is rooted in Paul the apostle’s life ambition—to preach the gospel where Christ has never been known (Rom 15:20). We share this ambition, and want to do our part in fulfilling what the leather-smith missionary began 2,000 years ago.

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Our Goal is to support people who bring the gospel of Jesus to those who have never been told.