Smith's Leather Balm

Smith's Leather Balm


Here at PLCO we recommend that if you would like to keep your new leather Bible or leather product in pristine shape, to use Smiths Leather Balm. With only three natural ingredients your going to want to put it on your face....but don't. Use it on your leather product.


100% Organic cocoa butter

100% Organic beeswax

100% Organic pure sweet almond oil.

No animal fats, synthetic compounds, preservatives or petroleum based products.


-1 oz. Handmade in Maine

-Made with three all natural ingredients

-Can be applied safely by hand without a rag or messy clean up

-Fits conveniently in a denim pocket or gear

-Neutral color; works on all smooth leathers.


1. Ensure leather goods are clean and dry.

2. Test small amount on a hidden patch of leather to preview results.

3. Start with a small amount. A little goes a long way.

4. Best applied by hand and massaged into leather, but a clean rag works also.

5. Leather will absorb the balm immediately Some leathers may darken slightly but return to their natural shade within 24 hours.

6. Repeat as necessary to protect, restore, and extend life of leather goods.

For application on how to use, follow the link:

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